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Occupational Certificate: Health Promotion Officer NQF Level 3


Occupational Certificate:
Health Promotion Officer

NQF Level 3


Health Promotion Officer

NQF Level 3 (Credits 163) - QCTO Accredited. Development Quality Partner - HWSETA

This qualification replaces

ID 64749 - National Certificate: Community Health Work NQF Level 2
ID 64749 - National Certificate: Community Health Work NQF Level 3


This is a one year qualification comprising knowledge subjects, practical skills modules and work experience modules.

Access to the qualification

  • The learner must be adequately mobile to execute the work within a community
  • Adequate visual and hearing capacity to master the skills as described in the curriculum document


The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to:

  • Carry out basic assessments of communities, households, groups and individuals
  • Provide basic health education and referrals for a wide range of services
  • Support and assist in navigating the health and social services

Entry requirements

NQF Level 1 or equivalent competences in Mathematical Literacy and Communications

Recipients of this qualification will be able to:

  • Conduct assessments of the social, physical and economic dynamics in communities
  • Conduct household assessments and identify those at risk of health related issues including impairments in health
  • Provide information, education and support for healthy behaviours and appropriate home care
  • Provide psychosocial support
  • Identify and manage minor health problems

This qualification will allow you to move vertically to a:

  • Higher Certificate in Social Auxiliary Work at NQF Level 5
  • Further Education & Training Certificate: Community Health Work at NQF Level 4

The qualification comprises knowledge subjects, practical skills & work experience modules

Knowledge Subjects   NQF level Credits
325301-001 KS-01 Public and Community Health Support 3 22
325301-001 KS-02 Family and Community Services 3 10
325301-001 KS-03 Basics of Community Health 3 8
Total 40


Practical Skills Modules   NQF level Credits
325301-001 PM-01 Mobilise community to address community health issues 3 4
325301-001 PM-02 Identify the service needs and ease of access to health and social services 3 4
325301-001 PM-03 Promote healthy life styles and mental wellbeing 3 6
325301-001 PM-04 Promote HIV prevention including HIV testing, condom use, partner reduction, circumcision, STI treatment 3 4
325301-001 PM-05 Provide information on prevention of accidents and incidents in homes 2 4
325301-001 PM-06 Record and report on information provided to individuals, households and communities 3 4
325301-001 PM-07 Promote and provide support for maternal and women's health 2 14
325301-001 PM-08 Promote child health 4 4
325301-001 PM-09 Support community members with psychosocial problems 4 3
325301-001 PM-10 Provide an integrated approach to support treatment adherence 3 4
325301-001 PM-11 Identify and treat a select number of minor ailments 2 8
325301-001 PM-12 Provide basic support to people who are unable to care for themselves 2 4
Total 63


Work Experience Modules   NQF level Credits
325301-001 WM-01 Operation and dynamics of communities 4 6
325301-001 WM-02 Household registration and assessment processes 3 14
325301-001 WM-03 Health promotion processes 3 6
325301-001 WM-04 Formal health provision processes 2 12
325301-001 WM-05 Emotional and social wellness support processes 3 6
325301-001 WM-06 Household treatment processes of minor ailments 3 16
Total 60
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