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Choking (Adult / Child Casualty)

  • If the casualty can cough forcefully, speak or breathe, do not touch them.  Encourage them to cough
  • If the casualty cannot do any of the above, begin abdominal thrusts;
  • Stand behind the casualty ready to support him / her if they become unconscious.
  • Find the top of the hip bones
  • Place a foot between the casualty’s feet for a solid position
  • Place your fist midline, just above your other hand
  • Hold the fist with the other hand and press inward and upward with a sudden forceful thrust
  • Make sure you do not press against the ribs with your forearms
  • Keep giving abdominal thrusts until either the object is removed or the casualty becomes unconscious.
  • If the casualty becomes unconscious DO NOT PANIC.
  • As the casualty collapses, lower him to the ground. 
  • Check the casualty for signs of normal breathing for no more than 10 seconds.
  • If the casualty does not show signs or normal breathing then following the steps for CPR.

A downloadble and printable info-graphic of this information can be found here