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Choking (infant <1 year)

  • Assess the baby’s breathing. If the baby can cough forcefully or breathe, stand by and do not interfere – let baby try to cough up the object.
  • If baby cannot cough or breathe and begins to make a high-pitched noise when trying to breathe or starts to turn blue, give back blows and chest thrusts to try to remove the blockage;
  • Kneel or sit with baby face down on your lap, resting on your forearm
  • Rest your forearm on your lap or thigh for support
  • Using the heel of your free hand, give five forceful back slaps between baby’s shoulder blades
  • Carefully turn baby over and give five forceful chest compressions using two fingers, in the centre of the chest, just below the nipple line.
  • Repeat the cycle of five chest compressions and five back slaps until foreign object is dislodged or baby becomes unconscious.
If baby becomes unconscious START CPR for INFANTS

A downloadble and printable info-graphic of this information can be found here