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Diabetic Emergency

A diabetic emergency needs immediate medical help.

Check the casualty’s neck, wrist or ankle for a Medic Alert device.

  • If the casualty is unresponsive, get medical help immediately.
  • If the casualty is unconscious, place them into the recovery position and monitor their breathing until medical help takes over.
  • If the casualty can tell you what he needs, help him take what is needed – usually sugar
  • If the casualty is confused about what he needs, give him something sweet to eat or drink i.e. sugar water (1/2 glass of water with 2 tablespoons of sugar), juice or a fizzy drink i.e. cola
  • Continue to monitor the casualty.
  • Send for medical help if you have not done so already.
DO NOT confuse a diabetic emergency with drunkenness - many of the symptoms are the same.

A downloadble and printable info-graphic of this information can be found here