St John is a LEVEL 1 contributor to B-BBEE with 135% procurement recognition
National Number: 086 101 7404


  • Assess the scene.  Gather any information about the suspected poison.
  • Assess the casualty’s responsiveness
  • If casualty is responsive, call the National Poison Centre on 0861 555 777.
  • Answer any questions and follow their advice on first aid
  • If the casualty is unresponsive, call for medical help i.e. ambulance
  • If breathing has stopped START CPR.  Check for poisonous material around the mouth first.  Use a barrier device (face-shield)
  • Place the unconscious breathing casualty into the recovery position
  • Monitor the casualty until medical help takes over.


  • DO NOT let the casualty drink anything unless told to do so by the Poison Info Centre
  • NEVER make the casualty vomit unless told to do so by the Poison Info Centre
  • If the casualty is conscious, wipe poisonous or corrosive material from the casualty’s mouth and face and rinse out the mouth if necessary.

A downloadble and printable info-graphic of this information can be found here