Community Health Training

Home Based Care

Caring for a sick, elderly or terminally ill family member at home is a daunting task. The daily basic care routines of ensuring that hygiene needs are met, suitable, nutritious meals are provided and keeping spirits up can feel overwhelming.  More and more families are faced with stressful challenges as the cost of medical care soars beyond reach.

St John offers a number of home based care courses ensuring that you will have the confidence to care for your loved one.

Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are valuable and trusted members of local communities and play a vital role in ensuring the good health of their clients and community as a whole.  Living in the same areas as many of their clients these health workers have an insight and understanding of the unique challenges faced on a daily basis.  They are trained to provide basic healthcare services to the numerous households which they visit and are able to identify ‘at risk’ clients and refer them to the appropriate organisations for specialist help.

If you would like to pursue Community Health as a career, St John offers nationally certificated Community Health Worker courses to help you realise your dream.

Community Health Training Courses


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Home Based Care – Non-Accredited Training (5 Days)

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General Education & Training Certificate: Ancillary Health Care NQF Level 1

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National Certificate:
Community Health Work NQF Level 2

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Occupational Certificate: Health Promotion Officer NQF Level 3

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FET Certificate: Child and Youth Care Work NQF Level 4

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Further Education & Training Certificate: Community Health Work NQF Level 4

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FET Certificate: Public Awareness Promotion of Dread Disease & HIV/AIDS

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