Choking (Adult/Child Casualty)

If the casualty can cough forcefully, speak or breathe, do not touch them. Encourage them to cough.

  1. If the casualty can cough forcefully, speak or breathe, do not touch them.  Encourage them to cough.
  2. If the casualty cannot do any of the above, call for medical assistance and begin abdominal thrusts.
  3. Stand behind the casualty ready to support him/her if they become unconscious.
  4. Find the top of the hip bones.
  5. Place a foot between the casualty’s feet for a solid position.
  6. Place your fist midline, just above your other hand.
  7. Hold the fist with the other hand and press inward and upward with a sudden forceful thrust.
  8. Make sure you do not press against the ribs with your forearms.
  9. Keep giving abdominal thrusts until either the object is removed or the casualty becomes unconscious.
  10. If the casualty becomes unconscious DO NOT PANIC.
  11. As the casualty collapses, lower him to the ground.
  12. Check the casualty for signs of normal breathing for no more than 10 seconds.
  13. If the casualty does not show signs or normal breathing then following the steps for CPR.

A downloadable and printable infographic of this information can be found here.

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